Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The FOURTH Kallipalooza... July 12, 2009!


“What comes around goes around.”

Sunday, July 12, 2009 4 pm-11 pm Admission: $8

Wilde’s Chateau 24, 25th & Iowa Street, Lawrence, Kansas

Doors open at 4 pm for Silent Auction, Live music begins at 4 pm

Kallipalooza IV is a continuation of a benefit started in 2006 for Lawrence resident Kalli Sanders, who faced a lengthy and life-threatening medical crisis that lasted for more than a year. After friends organized a benefit for her, she decided that she would continue the event to assist others in similar situations.

This year’s beneficiary was nominated by Community Living Opportunities. He is a long term employee of theirs who is seriously ill and out of work. This man has worked at CLO for more that 20 years, he is suffering from extreme complications from diabetes, and he just lost his wife to similar complications. They have two children, one of whom they adopted through the foster care system.

Each year, hundreds of people in our community “fall through” the system providing health care and covering expenses in the event of critical illness which may limit or prevent the ability to produce income. The purpose in continuing to raise money with an event like “Kallipalooza” is to give back the wonderful energy of our community which has helped others during a time of need.

Our theme each year is “What Comes Around Goes Around”, and it is in that spirit that the entire community is invited to attend the concert and silent auction at Wilde’s Chateau 24.

This year’s event will be held Sunday, July 12, 2009, at Wilde’s Chateau 24 from 4 pm-11 pm.

Bands scheduled to play this year include The Tommy Johnson Experiment featuring Harry Miller, as well as Lonnie Ray’s Blues Band, Darrell Lea, New Lost Souls, and The Gloves. Silent Auction runs from 4 pm-8 pm. Admission is $8, with all proceeds going directly to the beneficiary.

“I am happy that we have partnered with CLO this year to raise funds for a family who truly needs our help. I continue to be grateful, healthy and committed to helping people in similar situations. I am amazed each year at the way the Lawrence community opens their hearts to help others… Celebrating my birthday each July with this event is the best possible way to celebrate life… by bringing people together to help. Thank you for being a part of this year’s event!”

Tickets are $8, and are available at the door the evening of the event. Raffle tickets will also be sold.

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